You’re bigger than you think


You think DNA is chemistry. It is, but only about 3% of it is 3D chemistry. The rest is multidimensional information, hiding in a seemingly random chemistry. Science sees this in its own way, for it looks at the double helix where there are three billion chemical parts in each DNA molecule. Each active loop of DNA has three billion chemicals. But when science looks at that chemistry, it only sees 3% of it that actually does anything. That 3% is the linear system that creates all the genes in the Human body. All the rest of the chemistry is not understood, representing more than 90% of your entire DNA, for science is always looking for the linearity. They want to examine the things they expect in their own reality. Even after they saw that 90% as a seeming mystery, they continued to concentrate only on the 3%, for it seemed to do all the work. Human Being, if you have a linear consciousness, that’s all you’re going to see – linear systems and linear behavior. You’re bigger than you think. It’s beautiful. There’s mastery inside.

~ Kryon

What we do

We create beautiful life transformational Meditation Tools for raising consciousness, reducing stress and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.


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