You Are Electomagnetic Energy


What you are, indeed, is a grand embodiment of electromagnetic energy. That is, every facet of you, your physical body, your consciousness, your thoughts and beliefs and you emotional beingness are all entwined to create a body of energy which is likened unto a magnet. This energy has a resonance, a vibrational frequency which draws to itself that which matches its own frequency.

It is truly that the star-people are your brothers and sisters. There has never been a time when there has been no interactions between the people of your planet and the people of other planets. In spite of the desire of most of you to experience conscious communication with the star-people, there is much fear engendered, and so for that, and many reasons, the communications are usually erased from conscious memory. Soon the memories will be reignited, and the humanity on this planet will take its place with the humanities of other star systems in a great federation. You know, you are all eagerly awaited.

You do not finish where your body finishes. You do not finish – there is no end to you. It would behove you well to think of this sometimes. You may touch yourself on the body, the extremities particularly – like feet and hands –  and you may say “I do not finish here”. And as you do, you may raise your hands outward and upward and wider, to symbolize that who you are touches everyone, every planet, every creature, every human, and many who are not – whether or not they have physical bodies themselves. Know that who you are goes through every dimension of reality and probable realities to infinity. You truly are most powerful than you know. Beautiful too.

– P’taah

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