Universal Blessing

A course of miracle defines a miracle as Universal blessings. Everything that comes from Love is a miracle. Miracles happen all around us all the time, we are just missing them. Miracles come when we choose love instead of fear, when we choose the invisible over visible. There are miracles of healing because perception shifted from body identification to spirit identification. Any-thing is possible in any moment, because everything is energy in motion and the underlying Spirit of all is LOVE and WHOLENESS.

Miracles happen when you say to the Light Source, “I AM available USE ME”. How you will be used is immaterial. but energy that appears to magically transform will show up in your life in various ways. One miracle is always present, and that is the miracle of Life. There is no need to stumble and fall. When you are willing to get quit, hide nothing and step to each moment with gratitude, you will experience miracles.

Truth Will Set You Free

Spend a moment with yourself in silence and trust, as you go beyond form and enter into the energy that is eternal. When you remember in this way, you will know that what you are remembering is truth.

Truth flows lightly over us, and our feelings of week-ness fall away. We are strong in truth, because all power rushes to support and assist us. No word of truth is ever lost on the world or ourselves. When we speak words of truth , we are representing the vibration of truth and love. We teach ourselves and others through love. Eventually the words that we speak and the actions we choose take root in our lives and we become truth.

As we become rooted in truth, we learn that what seemed the hardest was actually the easiest. When we get quit every day, the seemingly abstract idea of abiding truth becomes a simple knowing that this is so. Though truth is simple, simplicity is difficult for twisted minds. It is the medicine of truth that cures the ills of our minds. Truth sets us all free.

Change Is the Nature of Life

To evolve is to develop, to grow, to undergo change. All of life on earth is change. There is nothing that is ever precisely the same as it was a moment ago – except for one thing – the undercurrent energy that is eternal and changeless. If we are connected with Source as we live our lives, change always translates into personal expansion and evolution.

Change  feels hard if we try to hold old structures in place. We need to open our hearts to accept and embrace change. If we tighten around something, trying to hold or control it, that’s an indication of lack and trust. This fearful approach will only create a feeling of separation an unhappiness, and will strengthen  the false understanding that there is something on earth that will not change.

When you feel pressure to change, its the Light Force pushing you to evolve. A shift begins to take place in your mind. The Selfless Will and the selfish will are coming up against one another. As your old foundation is shaken up, your upside-down perception begins to right itself. Lack of understanding about what is taking place can be frightening. As you let go of the old way of survival, trust that the changes are serving your higher purpose.

A course in Miracles




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