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“The world is transformed by people who live in this world as if this world is just a dream. People are changed, transfigured, by those who live in this world unconcerned, indifferent to trivia, who live a life of inner centering, who live in the world but don’t allow the world to enter them, who live in the world but the world does not live in them, who remain untouched. Who carry their silence everywhere. In the marketplace they remain in their inner temple, nothing distracts them from their being. These people become catalytic agents. These people bring a totally new quality to human consciousness. A Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna, a Mohammed, bring another world in this world into this world. That is the meaning of the Hindu world “Avatar”. It means they bring godliness into the world, godliness descends through them. A vision, they become windows. Through them you can have a vision, a glimpse of something that is beyond.”

from the book Nirvana: The Last Nightmare: Learning to Trust in Life By Osho


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What we do

We create beautiful life transformational Meditation Tools for raising consciousness, reducing stress and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.


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