The Supreme Self


The ultimate, supreme reality and truth is inside all, inside each and everyone. It is The Supreme Self which is absolute, infinite, eternal, transcendent, unbounded, all-pervading, pure existence, pure consciousness and everlasting peace. It is the un-caused cause of all causes, the unmanifest substratum of all manifest creation, the infinite source of all finite, phenomenal creation. At various traditions it is called infinity-and-nothingness, Brahman, Being, Cosmic Consciousness, the impersonal God, or the godhead.

Being transcendent, or beyond, The Supreme Self cannot be known by the thinking mind, for the mind is finite, bound, temporal, while The Supreme Self is infinite, unbounded, eternal. It can be known by a direct experiential cognition, or realization. This realization of The Supreme Self is called in various traditions: Self-realization, Enlightenment, Liberation, Moksha, Awakening, Nirvana, Satori, Christ-Consciousness, Bodhi, Buddha-Consciousness. All these terms relate to the same reality, or experience, which will be called here Self-realization.

Self-realization is the ultimate and supreme attainment, the end of the road of all human endeavor, experiences, knowledge and attainments. Ultimately, all may attain it, though not necessarily in any particular lifetime. It is not mandatory to aspire Self-realization. The individual souls manifested out of the unmanifest in order to experience relative reality from an individual perspective. Therefore, aspiring to widen one’s perspective of the relative universe(s), aspiring to grow in experience and knowledge of all-that-is in the manifested, relative – is as a legitimate as aspiring Self-realization.

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