The Radiance of the Pineal

Yogi Bhajan

“The old sages developed the science of Kundalini Yoga to develop the caliber of the human, in the fastest, smallest time. And they developed the science that allowed humans to have endurance, so that the human can walk tall against calamities.

We are run automatically by our magnetic field and chakras which are the flow of God in you. But, you know, the connection and disconnection is not based on your will. It is based on the electromagnetic frequency of the soul and the command center, which is in your shashara—the Seventh Chakra and the radiance of the pineal.

Your life is controlled by the attraction and the radiation of the pineal. And your strength is commanded by the pituitary. Your expansion and contraction is based on your throat chakra. And your great happiness is based on the warmth of your heart. Your grit and endurance is in your Navel Point. And your productivity and creativity and your all prevailing nature is in your creative organ. And your life’s elimination, the unwanted stuff which has to go through the black hole is in your First Chakra and its organ, the rectum.

If you had understood that simple science, you could have been the best human beings, and you are the best. But it runs automatically. You do not pay attention to all of this. If you just pay attention to yourself, you’ll find God within you.”

~Yogi Bhajan


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