The Alchemy of Dimensions


The incredible truth is that WE VIBRATE with the PULSE of the EARTH, which aligns us with all other beings – including LIGHT – in the ladder or chain of existence. This is the vertical axis of consciousness.

The iron-core CRYSTAL in the CENTRE of EARTH vibrates at 40 hertz (hz), 40 pulses per second. When the mind is most active and creative, it pulsates with the core at 40hz – beta waves – whichmeans we are RESONATING with the Earth’s inner core. When the mind is relaxed and meditative, it vibrates with the Earth’s inner spheres, those from the core to the crust, which pulse progressively more slowly from 40 down to 7 hz – beta through alpha – meaning we are resonating with the inner Earth.

Our brains vibrate in alpha at 13 to 8 hz, so our resonance with the inner Earth is in both beta and alpha waves. The Earth’s crust vibrates at around 7.5 hz, the transition between alpha and theta waves. When we are drowsy or in light sleep and our consciousness is beginning to move out into the ATMOSPHERE, our minds pulse with theta waves at 7 to 4 hz. Earth’s inner Van Allen belt, the inner belt of RADIATION that contains charged particles that are held there by the Earth’s surface and the inner Van Allen belt is 7 to 4hz, which means when our minds pulse in theta, we are resonating with the atmosphere and the inner Van Allen belt.

When we are in deep sleep, we are in the delta range in our minds at 4 to 1 hz, which means we are resonating with the outer Van Allen belt and out to the magnetopause, the interface between Earth’s ELECTROMAGNETIC fields and the SOLAR SYSTEM.

In other words, when we are in the deepest states of concentration, we are hooked right into the core of Earth’s central intelligence, and when we let go, relax, and fall asleep, our minds move out of the Earth’s fields. When we are thinking the most intensely and having creative flashes of genius, we are VIBRATING with the iron-core CRYSTAL, and when we move out into space, we are leaving our bodies and Earth and moving into the celestial realms.

1st dimension = iron-core crystal in centre of Earth.
2nd dimension = outer and inner core
3rd dimension = crust
4th dimension = Earth’s atmosphere extending all the way through the inner and outer Van Allen belts and out to the magnetopause.
5th dimension and higher are beyond the magnetopause.

– The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

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