Star Birth in the Heart Of Orion


Mankind’s oldest spiritual expression, The Pyramid Texts, points to a cosmic end product for human evolution — becoming a sentient star body in the stellar fields of Orion. It might just be that landscapes like Giza are places where angels are born. If we use the magnetic wave shape of the Pyramid complex on the Giza plateau as a pattern, we can get an idea of how emotion and feeling travel from genes, to glands, to landscapes, to stars. The geometry of the pyramids, the Sphinx and other key features on the plateau at Giza create pointers to a clear Golden Mean Spiral layout.

The wave shape that allows unpacking to be non-destructive to the pattern or information is called self-similarity, or “fractality.” Simply put, this means when the little wave picture has enough shape elements just like a big wave picture then you can unpack or map little patterns directly out into big patterns and not get “dizzy” along the way. Golden Mean ratios optimize this packing and unpacking ability. If it is true as Robert Bauval and others have suggested that the pyramids make a glyph of the belt stars of Orion, then the next step is clear. Use the pyramid’s Golden Mean Spiral as defined on the Giza Plateau, to discover what the map of the pyramids points to in the stars. By using the pattern recognition from our geometric layout, we find ourselves not only circling the belt stars of Orion, but literally, our magnetism has been guided directly into the HEART of Orion. This is where one of this galaxy’s most significant event hole gateways is said to be.

Try to imagine that you are a freshly dead pharaoh. You are finding your inner dreamscape to be a magnetic pattern map on the land around your sarcophagus. You notice that your bodily magnetic energy has been sewn up into a pattern that looks like the body of Orion, as you navigate, lucid dream, or shamanically navigate stars. If we were to take the pulse of nearby star neighborhoods in terms of birth rates, we would certainly regard Orion as one of the pregnant local stellar bodies. Specifically, more stars are being “born” in the locale of Orion than just about any where else in our local galactic region. Therefore, if there were some force of magnetism involved in making the birth of stars sustainable, Orion would be the local candidate for investing whatever aid to starbirth was available.

– Dan Winter


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