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10480961_896170900396301_7083687740358685921_nUntil you can come to the joy and fulfillment of this life, loving your exquisite planet, healing the anguished heart, aligning the fears that keep you imprisoned, living in the excitement and fullness of each moment without a past or future, this dimension is all you can know, there is no escape. That is the dichotomy: As you live in the joy and harmony of this life experience without desiring any other, you automatically create the space to experience the expanded reality called fourth density, called Ascension, called Oneness.

Remember that as the consciousness in humanity is expanding and growing to the light. So it is that the opposite is showing its face more and more. The people are coming to know they cannot hide from who they are. Not any of you. There is no escape, beloved ones. You are all coming to realize that the only way you will create the change is by knowing who you are. Know thyself and know God. That is reflected everywhere outside of who you are. All of the years your governments and religious bodies and power brokers have hidden knowledge. They have worked secretly to control humanity. No longer. No longer will anything be hidden. Your power-brokers will only have power if you allow it. The way you disallow it is to take your sovereignty. You do not have to do anything to them. You will not change anything by fighting it. You will not change anything by suppression or repression. You will change it by changing who you are in your own estimation; in your knowing. That is your power-sourceness – who you are.

merkaba-beingFor as long as you are trying to escape to enlightenment, here is where you will stay, beloved ones. That which be termed “Enlightenment,” whatever you think of it, is simply the natural result of loving absolutely every facet of who you are. There is nothing else! And no matter what rites and rituals and methodologies you employ to get to this elevated state called Enlightenment, we promise you that for as long as there is any facet of you that is not loved, that you do not hold dear with compassion, you will not know what Enlightenment truly is

The excitement and the singing of the heart, which you experience when you contemplate an imagined action, is the indication of the very real expression of who you are. When you deny the action, you deny yourself the gift of yourself to yourself and to your world.

As you become filled with the love of who you are, in the knowing that you are an aspect of the God-Goddess, so you radiate that love to all about you. From this place of being, all that you will be able to perceive will be the reflection of that love shining back at you.

– P’taah


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