Self Empowerment


“It is most important for you to accept that you are a powerful being. Your physical body serves as your own intimate example of the impeccable design of life; the intricate and wondrous organization of your cells, bones, and organs illustrates a vast network of cooperation that mirrors back to you the primary nature of existence. By design, you are a fine achievement: a unique organic computer that is fully capable of consciously experiencing the different levels of your own reality, as well as many others.

In all truth, your world is just beginning to discover the multitude of capabilities inherent within the human form. For thousands of years, many clever diversions have kept humanity from understanding the true nature of its power and natural talent for creating the world. For many millennia, limiting beliefs about your lack of personal power have been accepted as facts throughout your world; this was made manifest through focusing your power of attention on these beliefs. Such beliefs are agreements about reality, and they set the stage for what you encounter. Your state of awareness then determines how you respond to the dramas of life you have created. You have the free will to choose what you will, and what you sow will be yours to harvest. We dare say you are much more complex and wondrous than you realize. With a good measure of faith, trust, and desire – augmented with a large dose of cosmic knowledge, as well as common sense – you can certainly learn to focus your attention, be very clear about your intentions, and manifest what you want in your life.

Self-empowerment is a worthy achievement in any reality, although it is not necessarily an easy state of mind to achieve. Like any skill, it must be focused upon and developed, and called into being; yet once encouraged to awaken, self-empowerment blossoms and grows on its own, much like a hearty heirloom plant that thrives and flourishes season after season. Self-empowerment is the most natural and treasured flowering of an awakened mind. Nestled in the depths of your cells are the memories and records of all of your ancestors, some of whom dealt with the same issues you are encountering today. Perceptions of reality are imprinted in the genetic code and passed along to the various participants of a bloodline. In all lines of time and in all realities of existence, personal freedom is the prerequisite to pioneering new parameters of possibility.

Although some of your ancestors knew that self-empowered people are self-determining and do not require the lessons of deceptive leadership, the freedoms and gains one generation realizes are not guaranteed for another. Each generation chooses its own values as well as what is important for spiritual growth – individually, when you explore and expand your innate personal power, you flourish; when you abdicate it, you create tyranny.”

 The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak






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We create beautiful life transformational Meditation Tools for raising consciousness, reducing stress and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.


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