The Secret of the Golden Flower

The Secret of the Golden Flower is a Chinese Taoist classic about neidan (inner alchemy) meditation. The meditation technique is supplemented by descriptions of affirmations of progress in the course of a daily practice, suggesting stages that could be reached and phenomenon that may be observed such as a feeling of lightness, like floating upward or slight levitation. Such benefits are ascribed to improved internal energy associated with breath energy circulation, improvements that alleviate previously existing impediments.

1. If you can be absolutely quiet then the heavenly heart will spontaneously manifest itself.
2. Dreams are the wanderings of the spirit through all nine heavens and all nine earths.
3. Whoever seeks eternal life must search for the place whence human nature and life originally sprang.
4. The secret of the magic of life consists in using action in order to attain non-action.
5. The primal spirit loves stillness, and the conscious spirit loves movement.
6. Therefore you have only to make the light circulate: that is the deepest and most wonderful secret.
7. The Golden Flower is the Elixir of Life (Chin-tan, golden pill). All changes of spiritual consciousness depend upon the heart. There is a secret charm which, although it works very accurately, is yet so fluid that it needs extreme intelligence and clarity, and the most complete absorption and tranquility.
8. Only through contemplation and quietness does true intuition arise: for that the backward-flowing method is necessary.
9. Only after concentrated work of a hundred days will the light be genuine, then only will it become spirit-fire. After a hundred days there develops by itself in the midst of the light a point of the true light-pole (yang). Then suddenly there develops the seed pearl. It is as if man and woman embraced and a conception took place. Then one must be quite still and wait. The circulation of the light is the epoch of fire.
10. “If one cultivates one’s action while mingling with the world and is still in harmony with the light, then the round is round and the angular has angles; then he lives among men, mysterious yet visible, different and yet the same, and none can compass it; then no one notices our secret actions”. The living manner of the circulation of the light has jus this meaning: to live mingling with the world and yet in harmony with the light.

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