Rising Above

You truly do not understand how important you are – each individual, because it has been in your life, in your culture, that you regard yourself in a diminished state. Nobody has ever told you truly how wondrous you are, how powerful, and how each and everyone of you is so important to the universe. We understand how it is that you will say: ‘How can one person make a difference?’ It is especially difficult when you are in ‘victim mode’, the mode of ‘they did it to us’. It is very difficult for you to understand how important each of you be, when you are not taking responsibility for your life. If it were not for you – we are speaking on many levels here – your universe would not exist as it appears to exist now. It simply would not be the same universe. So as each and everyone of you, in what is called your spans of lifetimes, take on a physical body, live your life to the best of your ability, however that is, you do not understand what a wondrous tapestry you are creating; a wondrous tapestry called life.

What you are, indeed, is a grand embodiment of electromagnetic energy. That is, every facet of you, your physical body, your consciousness, your thoughts and beliefs and your emotional beingness are all entwined to create a body of energy which is likened unto a magnet. This energy has a resonance, a vibrational frequency, which draws to itself that which matches its own frequency. Your body is a vehicle to experience this dimension of reality. Your body has its own integrity; it has its own cellular memory. It has a wonderful resonance with your planet.

It would behove you well to be conscious of what you are thinking. Your thoughts are power. Your thoughts are electromagnetic energy. Your thoughts create your reality. Your belief structures are the idea construct of your universe, and you, dear ones, are the central sun of your universe. Always, always it is for you to examine what it is that you do believe. If you are in a situation which is ‘bad’, it is because you are judging it from fear. If there is no fear there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it simply ‘IS’, and in the ISNESS you may perceive the joy in it.

The choice at each moment is between fear of not being enough, fear of being unlovable and unloved, fear of being unworthy, fear of every translation/death and Love. Always, always this is the choice. Everything in your life, every ill, every dis-easement only reflects your choice of fear, your choice of judgment. When you choose love, when you chose non-judgment, know that everything is exactly as it IS and in the Isness it is called divine expression. So you are putting forth into your universe and the multiverses that you have chosen love, to be in allowance, and every time you do so, you are painting a brush stroke on the canvas of your reality. Each time you choose love over fear, each time you choose love over your desperate desire to ‘do’, you are changing your reality.

Know that whatever is outside is merely a reflection of that which is within. There is nothing outside of you. Nobody ever did it to you. You are not victims – you are sovereign beings. We cannot emphasise this enough. When you take responsibility for each creation, day by day – no matter how horrific it may appear – know it is only a story and you have created it, that you may know who you are; that you may embrace who you are, that you may know you are God/Goddess, that you are indeed sovereign, powerful beings. If you do not face each situation with responsibility, it will merely represent itself again and again and again.

As you exercise surrender, so you will come into what is called, intuition. Your logical mind has been a wonderful tool for survival, but now, you see, survival of your species depends on intuition, on nurturing surrender. It is not necessary to know, only to feel. To imagine, to allow love to truly blossom within you. It is called ‘leap of faith’, because beloved who you are is grand indeed.

You are very special. You are a unique facet in the Divine crown of life. There is nobody in the universe like you and the universe would not be the same without you. You are very special. One of the things which is so special about you all, and I could name many, is the fact that there is not another species who could survive the pain that you all know so well. But even more wondrous is your unlimited capacity for love and joy.

Remember that as the consciousness in humanity is expanding and growing to the light. So it is that the opposite is showing  its face more and more. The people are coming to know they cannot hide from who they are. Not any of you. There is no escape, beloved ones. You are all coming to realize that the only way you will create the change is by knowing who you are. Know thyself and know The Creator. That is reflected everywhere outside of who you are. All of the years your governments and religious bodies and power brokers have hidden knowledge. They have worked secretly to control humanity. No longer. No longer will anything be hidden. Your power-brokers will only have power if you allow it. The way you disallow it is to take your sovereignty. You do not have to do anything to them. You will not change anything by fighting it. You will not change anything by suppression or repression. You will change it by changing who you are in your own estimation; in your knowing. That is your power-sourceness – who you are.

– P’taah
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