Connecting To Our Quantum Self


The name Quantum is the very idea that a particle could be Multi-Dimensional was labelled Quantum that became a buzzword for Multi-Dimensional things.

Dimensionality is a soup of reality with many hues and many shades and we are in the Black-White portion moving into the shades of Grey. There is no color yet, not with a general humanity. There are few brilliant ones who have the color.

When we crossed the bridge as we moved through the precession of the Equinoxes as the calendar dropped away as the cycles start to change, humanity is going to be introduced to Quantumness and it’s going to be everywhere. For Multidimensionality encompasses everything not physics.

Physics is simply the study of the way it works, that’s all. There is reality in so many levels. The highest inventions that are being worked on, that are being manifested, that are being thought of, developed and used are Quantum.

The Consciousness is the human being’s Quantum Engine and it’s physical, it has rules of physics that when you started to apply and when you started to understand and when you started to know about how to work with your own consciousness, no one else’s but your own. The moment you begin you inform every single cell in your body to start shifting into shades of grey.

We are dealing with basically four laws that we call laws of physics. Two of them are strong and weak electromagnetic force. The second two the strong and weak nuclear force what scientists take a look at, at the core of the atom and examine and then the two missing ones which will give you a total of three pairs will complete it all. The strong and weak multidimensional force when discovered, analyzed, defined and finally understood will even explain what we would call dark matter. There is no such thing, it’s simply invisible. The science started to relate to consciousness and his name was Tesla.

He loved magnetics and he came for a reason and left in frustration because he could only go so far that was all he was allowed to do. He didn’t discover anti-gravity, there is no such thing. He discovered the relationship between designer magnetics and the mass of an object. Gravity is Quantum. Magnetics is Quantum and Consciousness will change physics and part of physics is Biology. Consciousness is the key and the answer to a very esoteric and Quantum question. If Quantum energy has no real time, if Quantum energy can be projected through portions of entanglement so there’s no distance. You can send a signal from here right now today to the farthest part of the Universe and they’ll get it instantly because it is Multi-Dimensional.

The ones who are receiving Multi-Dimensionality are starting to develop the receivers that are Quantum in their brains. The spontaneous remission is through human being who has a triggering from whatever process you want to call it through his/her Akash, through fear, through joy, through survival, who all of a sudden for a moment sees in Multi-Dimensionally and has the ability of the Masters and heal himself/herself in minutes.

If you create a Quantum invention whether it’s a laser or something else, when you turn it on why doesn’t it cure everyone around you? The simple answer is because it’s Quantum and you are not. But those of you who are working on Quantum thought meaning a higher vibrational consciousness are then the antennas who will receive it. If all humanity had the Multidimensionality, you could turn the laser on and all of them would be effected.

There are processes that are Quantum. Our DNA is equipped fully, there’s nothing that has to be given to us from somewhere else to activate it. The basic truth is this our free will starts a process that the cells have been listening for eons. The energy was not right on the planet and Now it is. There is a plan here and its Benevolent and it’s Loving and it’s Gracious and it honors Free Choice of the human being to see in color, to be Multi-Dimensional.

The most profound inventions and processes on this planet right now are the ones that totally involve Consciousness not Physics, but Consciousness is Physics. The Creator of the Universe is the Master Physicist and you start realizing what is in these forces even the four basic ones but especially in the six, you will include consciousness as a major player of physics and that is why your mind and what you have can instantly speak to your Biology and get results and say to the mountain move and it will.

The ones who are studying their own selves and the consciousness of themselves and are trying to figure out the puzzle, are going to trigger a cellular respond that is going to help give you answers. Your body is smart.

Who hid all this information? We already know the answer, don’t we. God within means we’re eternal. God within means we’re wise and we’re smart. God within means that we were smart enough to hide this information from us until we became mature enough to understand it and use it.

And So it is.

– Kryon





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