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Black Chrome or Black Chromium Meditation Pyramid is a 9 inch and 51 degree Brass based handmade Pyramid that is Black Chromium plated.

Why choose a Black Chrome plated Meditation Pyramid:

Black Chrome is primarily a catalyst that helps lift us up and out of ordinary places and into the extraordinary. Provides the strength for one to be true to oneself. It also can help strengthen the body’s connection to the earth. It can give courage, strength, and dispels fears, all of which increase self-confidence. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. Both radiant and reflective, it can be used as a portal for extradimensional travel during meditation. Use Black Chrome for meditations of the true unknown and to expand consciousness. It can be used as a guide towards the Akashic Records.

Black Chromium Meditation Pyramid benefits may include:

  • Builds negative (good) ions
  • Promotes balance
  • Relieve stress
  • Stimulates the fat metabolism
  • Protects from radiation
  • Detox of the organism
  • Regulates the energy and heat levels in the body
  • Stimulate all chakras to the higher level of awareness and action

Pyramid Energy can be used in a million ways. Pyramids can be placed around your space to clear, activate, transmute energy, for clearing and protecting.They can be used for healing. Great for Chakra energy work. Place them over the Chakras or areas of the body where energy needs to be transmuted.Anywhere where there is a pyramid, energy won’t become stagnant.

Some of the uses:

  • Meditate with Pyramid
  • Balance chakras and strengthen aura
  • Neutralize geopathic stress & electromagnetic pollution
  • Ionize your home, workspace, sanctuary, therapy room
  • Cleanse & charge crystals, tumblestones, jewellery
  • Feng Shui tool for energy flow



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