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Recently I hosted the closing retreat of my deep practice program, Athena’s Magical Secrets. We dedicated ourselves to activated spiritual practices to support and enhance our daily lives and how we engage with the outer world.

Our shared, 9-month journey offers spiritually-minded women a mastery path that amplifies soul purpose and activates personal dreams to reveal more of life’s joy and magic. We use sacred geometry, mantra, mudra, malas, meditation, yoga or daily movement, invocations, prayers, journaling, oils, and crystals. We connect deeply learning: This is how you manage this situation in your day-to-day world. Each Athena Sister commits to her personal spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, and physical well-being for this journey.

The wide menu is not to burden the woman who are is already busy and overcommitted. The variety is to empower her choice: Which is the right tool to support her journey today? When the next phase of her journey is upon her, she can choose again from her Athena menu with confidence.

At each of the three retreats, I gift the Athena Sisters one of my favorite spiritual tools. For the closing retreat, it has to be something that embodied the power of her transformation, the reward of her work to integrate all of her gifts and bring them forward to into the world. The closing gift had to carry a high frequency to remind them of our heart-centered gatherings and deep soul connections.

It was an easy choice to turn to Healing Energy Tools. But it was too hard to choose a single item, so I settled on two of the Healing Energy Tools pocket-sized tools: the Flower of Life and Merkaba’s pocket sized tools. The Flower of Life represents how these women now integrate all aspects of themselves, take responsibility, and activate the pathways to create lives they love.

Over this year’s course, Athena Sisters started businesses, got married, and healed their hearts, bodies, and bank accounts. They stepped up to lead on a national level. They slowed down to care for new family members and made deep investments to clean up old family matters. These women activated spiritual and earthly tools to make life work for them. So they no longer had to work so hard for their lives.

Both the Merkaba and the Flower of Life embody the journey that is Athena’s Magical Secrets. The pocket tools are the perfect combination to carry the Athena Sisters across the threshold to the next phase of their journey, empowered and protected in their magic and their joy.

The Merkaba unlocks Universal healing power; it’s the key to access energy that informs the light body and connects to the highest self. It is a wholly and holy integrated expression of God. This was the perfect Athena’s Magical Secret tool! Because the Merkaba supports the highest good, I wanted my Athena Sisters to have this for their meditation practice to keep their energy fields activated and carry their intentions to the Goddess to support their desired manifestations.

When you are super active in the physical, but not aligned and charged spiritually –it doesn’t work well. To create balanced, healthy, and vibrant lives, you need both worlds activated. For, if you are pristine in spirit, but not engaged with the world, what is the point? It’s gotta be both: physical and spiritual, all firing, all the time.

Of course, this led me to The Flower of Life. This tool represents how the Athena Sisters integrated all aspects of themselves, took responsibility, and activated the pathways to create lives they loved. They learned to integrate from their center outward, and from the outside in, radiating and growing the whole.

I presented each Athena Sister with the Flower of Life tool during our Full Moon ritual on our first night together. It served as an anchor for our releasing ritual. The next evening that we retrieved our charged Flower of Life tools from our ritual space and sat to meditate. This meditation was to activate the tool’s connection to the pineal gland, imprint each Sister’s DNA on her Flower of Life tool, and receive a specific message.

Each women woman was blown away by the power of the activated tools. They came out of meditation streaming tears of blessings, giggles of joy, messages of healing, empowerment, and love.

One woman giggled, “what WAS that!?” Another declared, “I didn’t know I could go that deep!” An other meet a spirit guide, fully formed and received a deep transmission. Going forward they have lovingly ‘renamed’ The Flower of Life, the Pocket Portal!

Healing Energy Tools do not disappoint! They amplify connection to the Divine, that sacred connection we long for, uniting and making us whole.

I continually bring the Athena Sisters back to tending to their energy. A simple reminder to center and stay connected to the greater whole and the bigger vision is key along any journey. We revisit this topic in our ongoing coaching sessions.

Through individual coaching sessions, I support the Sisters’ long-term strategies and day-to-day actions and negotiations required to move forward on the paths. Coaching helps keep spiritual practices activated to ease the daily grind and brings comfort when they get lost or blow something up. Remember, they are navigating new territory. And when forging new pathways, if you’re not blowing something up once in awhile, you’re not really fully engaged! I simply remind them to integrate lessons learned along the way and to celebrate wins.

Collectively, it’s so powerful to see these women who seemingly don’t have anything in common, come to share so much and end up creating a soul connection of love and support as sisters. It’s an intensely personal experience, joyfully rewarding, sometimes challenging, definitely strengthening, and always healing.

I send these women out into the world with their gifts, the ones they always had inside of themselves, and these Healing Energy Tools to remind them that the journey that is never over.


by Brenda Villa

Brenda Villa is a business and personal consultant with over 20 years experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. To Learn about her work please visit her website: www.brendavilla.com

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