Who are these multidimensional selves? Many times you have been led to believe that there are other portions of yourself that are much more together than you are and that know much more than you do. To some extent that was true, and to some extent it is still true. However, you will find that in being the standard bearer of your soul, you will begin to activate data that is stored inside of your body that carries your whole history.

How will you know when these other aspects of self begin to show themselves? This can be very subtle, or it can be like being hit over the head with a two-by- four. It simply depends on the self. You may be sitting one day and find all of a sudden that upon blinking your eyes you are sitting in a different room. That is getting hit over the head with a two-by-four. More subtly, you may be walking down the street looking at a window display when suddenly a mannequin or picture or word triggers something inside of you; for a moment, you drift off and get a clear image of a simultaneous identity of yours-existing at the same time as you.

You will begin to discover aspects of yourself that exist nonphysically, or parts of self that exist as beings working in space who are truly space creatures. The soul is going to wake up. It will know every aspect of itself, and every aspect of the soul’s self will know of all of itself at once.

You will be aware of all realities at once as you learn to ride the vibrational rate and become fourth dimensional. You will develop this ability by first balancing three or four realities, then five or six, and so on. You are awakening Prime Creator’s abilities and will become your Prime Creator. Your Prime Creator’s goal in creating this universe and all other universes was to develop itself to such an extent and have so many multidimensional channels of data open that it – whose consciousness is in all things you know – could become aware of itself in all things, aware of every event that all things are involved in, and compute this and not go insane.

You are evolving that ability in yourselves. Basically, the part that you are presently going through is the toughest part because you are doubting and wondering if it is really real. The body says one thing and the mind says another. The body says one thing and society says another. The knowing is growing, and it is a knowing of what is awakening inside of you.

– Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn



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