Pyramid And Magnetic North


Does it matter which way a pyramid faces?

The energy field associated with a pyramid seems to be strongest when one side of the pyramid is facing magnetic north. Magnetic north is where the needle of a compass points. It is not the same thing as true north. In the early days of pyramid experimentation it was thought that the pyramid should face true north because the Great Pyramid faces almost exactly true north. However it has been found since that the magnetic field of the earth is somehow involved in this energy generation, and that using magnetic north gets the best results. In Egypt magnetic and true north are practically the same, and that probably gave rise to the confusion. Magnetic north does vary a little from year to year, but it’s hard to move a Great Pyramid once you’ve built it. It is my opinion that the Egyptian pyramid was positioned for the greatest average effect.  The effect lessens until it is 45 degrees off, and then it builds up again. The energy never entirely disappears it is just get weaker.

Excerpt from the book Pyramid Energy Handbook by Serge V. King Ph.D

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