Love Yourself

MerkabaWellness involves expressing your feelings in a mature and responsible manner. Your emotions are the most difficult aspect of mastering your biological being for playing the game of life within this system of consciousness. Emotions are like musical renditions being played on a two-mile-long piano–you must learn how to play all of the keys, not merely bang away on a few, or timidly touch the keys, or not venture to play any of them at all.

YOU MUST AFFIRM THAT YOU LOVE YOURSELF; that you have a right to live a pleasant, safe, healthy, and productive life; and that your present circumstances are the result of your own volition. As we keep emphasising, love of self and self-acceptance are very essential attitudes for creating a positive, rewarding experience with respect to the human body. And, the more you are able to love yourself, the more you will have to question your choices.

Why, if you love yourself, would you subject yourself to unpleasant, unfulfilling situations? Awareness is the ability to observe and notice what is occurring and then to make practical use of your assessments, all of which lead to an expansion of consciousness, self-reliance, and personal empowerment.

~ Barbara Marciniak  from “Path of Empowerment”



What we do

We create beautiful life transformational Meditation Tools for raising consciousness, reducing stress and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.


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