Love Is your Truth

13615428_10210020709175158_8427909423021335595_n“Feeling is energy, that is all it is. That is all everything is – energy.”
– P’taah

It is Love and the Heart we should focus on. We need to open our Hearts and connect to our intuition and higher guidance. The Heart Chakra is our connection to this intuition and higher guidance.

The Heart Chakra is at the midpoint between the lower and upper chakras, which is why many refer to it as the “Great Transformer.” It is the Central Sun of the body, and it is the cantilever from which all movement takes place energetically into wholeness and into higher states of consciousness. The Heart Center is ‘petal-like’, but all the different chakras literally have an energetic structure in the subtle realm that is much like a flower. Whenever the flower of the Heart opens, there is an increase in feelings. So as you experience more feeling, the petals of your Heart open and extend themselves. As you feel less emotion – becoming more withdrawn and less attuned to your feelings – these petals tend to close up.

Allowing yourself to experience all feelings and emotions is a powerful means to move energy through your KA (pranic energy body). What occurs for many human beings however, is the opposite. In a difficult or challenging situation, they mentally label the difficult situation as “bad” and resist the resulting emotions. When you resist feelings or emotions, your emotional body cannot vibrate properly and it “freezes” or “locks up”. When it is not able to move or vibrate properly you become less aware mentally and your thoughts get fuzzy, unclear and muddled.I Am

Your emotional body is a field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. When something activates your emotional body it begins to vibrate in specific ratios setting off “energy flows”, which stream around and through your physical body. If these flows are strong enough, these flows can be physically felt within the tissues of your body. Thus, the stronger the feeling response, the stronger the physical sensation will be. One of the keys to the ascension process, from an energetic standpoint, is to allow your energy fields to open and move freely. The ability to move more energy and to master positive movement of that energy comes through the cultivation of your feeling nature.


When you are in the emotional state of compassion, you are coming from an understanding that everyone is evolving to the best of his or her capabilities at any given moment. By holding yourself and others in compassion, you raise your own vibration, which is a key to changing your destiny this shifting of destiny takes place in every moment of your life and in every interaction with others. Every moment of your life is a choice point, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Allowing the energy of unconditional acceptance and love to move through your emotional body activates a process of profound healing and stuff

As you begin to align yourself with the evolution of life itself, with the growth of life and consciousness, you will be lifted up in ways that you may not be able to imagine. Miracles will occur. Opportunities will open before you, and your destiny will be changed as you live in service to life. When there is an opportunity to be kind to another human or an animal, let your kindness show. When there is an opportunity to show compassion to another, be compassionate.

When there is an opportunity to listen to someone, grant the grace and listen. Listen fully and deeply without wanting to impose your own views or your own agenda. There are miracles waiting for you when you ask the unasked question, “What can I do here that will serve the greater good? What can I do here that will serve life’s deepest purpose through me?”

– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material


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