Kundalini Awakening

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_xtahu2yahc04ocswooskk844_640When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity.

― C.G. Jung

Kundalini is a powerful spiritual energy that rests in base of our spine in dormant state. We all have this energy but in order to bring it to action, we need to consciously awaken kundalini. The beginning stage of the Kundalini awakening usually happens from the base of the spine, and usually includes removing energy-problems between the chakras, most often starting with the lower ones. The result is a bi-directional flow and related to the flow from one chakra to another, but not the same as that flow between chakras i.e. the Kundalini flow, when partially awakened so that it is a flow just in front of the spine, is a separate flow from the flow between chakras, even though it is in a very similar location.

When “awakened” fully, the Kundalini is contact with an infinite upwards flow of power, at least as wide as the body, which the Kundalini taps into, uses and “communicates” with. Few humans on earth have this energy-system in fully functional condition. The upward flow of energy that the Kundalini contacts is a sub-set of the flow of infinite-life through the Physical universe. The action of the Kundalini tapping into this flow creates a localized back-flow in the opposite direction, and the flow of infinite-life itself is really half of a 2-way flow, but the Physical-universe Rules block the downwards flow from being a continual flow within the Physical-universe Playing-field, resulting it being broken up into smaller sections. The Kundalini can also be used to do other actions, such as placing various different types of energy-fields, which would ideally be done temporarily as wanted.

The chakras around the knee area (and also the set of chakras below each knee, on ankle, foot, and below, which effect the flow of power at the knee chakra) are important for supplying the necessary power for the Kundalini.


The Soul has 3 or 4 parts located around the lower area of the body, and each of those parts has an upper counter-part which can be a varying distance above the lower parts. The lowest of the Soul-levels is present on every particle in the Physical-universe. The next one up is present on every living being in the Physical-universe. The 3rd one up is present on all higher types of living beings, which on earth corresponds approximately to multi-cellular life-forms. The highest Soul-level is present only if there is a connection with a Real-i on that particular human body. At the time of writing, slightly less than half the humans on earth have a connection with a Real-i and the other half do not.

The vertical connecting line connects to symbol-spaces, both above and below. One of the functions of the Soul-levels is to store the results of interactions between symbols and the experience of the Soul-levels, and upon death of the body, convey that data to the whole-data-set for the Souls of that type of living being.

Kundalini Awakening with Mantra Meditation and Kundalini Yoga

Mantras are sacred words that help us creating positivity and bring us closer to spirituality by hearing, pronouncing and iterating them within our mind or in speech. Every word, correctly pronounced produce vibrations of certain frequencies. Mantras are structured in such a way that the combination of the pronunciation takes us to higher frequencies that make them very capable of providing us spiritual energy and help us reaching our higher self. By pronouncing mantras accurately we can tap to the frequency of each chakra one by one thereby initiating the kundalini awakening process. These mantras when regularly chanted in a disciplined fashion can help us awakening our kundalini completely. In kundalini yoga we aim to awaken kundalini by practicing various yogic movements in a disciplined fashion with intense determination. Various pranyamas, mudras and asanas.

– Healing Sun


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