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15241736_658427717669767_2983838140990852382_nInformation is light; light is information. The more you become informed, the more you alter your frequency. You are electromagnetic creatures, and everything that you are, you broadcast to everyone else. All thoughts produce energetic vibrations, even though you cannot see these frequencies, the airwaves are full of who you are. Carry the frequency of love, which is the frequency of creation – and light, which is the frequency of information.

The heart center, or fourth chakra, is located at the mid-point in the physical body and balances all the chakras above and below it with lessons concerning emotional intelligence. In this center, you can shut life down or completely blossom with compassion, for this is the place where you can know another being as a version of yourself. Compassion is a very sophisticated emotional achievement that opens your body to connect with the cosmos on a profound spiritual level. Sometimes opening the heart can be a frightening experience, for you can feel out of control when your heart is wide open and you are inundated with empathetic information. This center for heart knowing can provide both daunting and exhilarating experiences. Love rules the heart, and rightly so. The real test that life on Earth offers is the opportunity to pass all you encounter through the heart chakra, acknowledging the wondrous variety of life without judgments. So often, the heart center is blocked off because of a cultivated fear that has conditioned you to be wary of this potent psychic connection. When the heart is closed down it is easier to create harm or attempt to deceive others, because this connection to all life is disabled. And appreciation for the beauty of life is especially important for opening the heart chakra.

What can we say to convince you to take all of your boundaries down – to stop limiting what you believe can be yours? If there is anything we wish to achieve, it is to have each of you boundless and free, knowing that every thought you entertain somehow determines your experience.

13775560_721638114641063_1725507609141125414_nYou and multitudes of others have begun the mutation process on the planet. As you mutate electromagnetically, you alter your frequency or the tune that you broadcast. You will eventually outgrow the frequency that holds you down and continually blasts you with chaos and confusion. Eventually, when you alter, carry, and maintain your own frequency, you will vibrate differently and thus affect everyone around you. They will feel the availability of this frequency alteration, which will then move like a wave around the planet. As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it. This new frequency is called knowledge, light, and information. It is called being taken out of bondage. You are being taken out of disinformation and misinformation and you are becoming informed; you are coming into light.

Attention is awareness, mindfulness, and watchful consciousness. Your attention is energy. You have the freedom to place your attention anywhere you choose, the freedom to develop or ignore your attention – it is all up to you. To know yourself you must have command of your attention, you must learn to treasure and value it, and most importantly, you must figure out how to properly use it.

You must affirm that you love yourself, that you have a right to live a pleasant, safe, healthy and productive life; and that your present circumstance are the result of your own volition. As we keep emphasizing, love of self and self-acceptance are very essential attitudes for creating a positive rewarding experience with respect to the human body.  The cells of your body continuously replace themselves, and in general you do not even think about this process, yet the vital new cells dutifully focus their attention on fulfilling your beliefs and commands. Even though the cells are new, they will keep replicating the same old you, if you keep giving them the same old commands. Your cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles are all intelligent; they communicate with one another because their collective job is to respond to your input. You choose the codes of consciousness that best express your life aims, based on the degree of awareness that you have developed.

– Barbara Marciniak


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*Artwork by: Anandi Sun Dancer

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