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It is important to realize just how critical regular ecstatic and joy-intense activity is to the maintenance of the immune system. If you give your four billion cell body the honor to accept it’s wisdom, it will tell you of its need to periodically act in such a way as to bring all your attention to the present. And, by doing so, periodically conduct a “bringing to a point” or critical digestive assembly of separate memories into one sense of overall meaning.

Many human bodies will continue to gain weight, if nothing is done to bring memories to focus, and thus to “consume perspective” and harvest memory or spin for the oneness. This sense of digestion also extends to the emotional digestion of memory. Think of this as bringing spin to the flame to see what fits oneness, thus enabling you to sort out a filing cabinet which might otherwise become cluttered. The purpose of human activity is to increase the amount of spin which can be folded into the body. This relates to choice of water, oil, and mineral to make electro-lites hold dense electrical foldedness.

Without great symmetry/ purity/charge in what we consume nutritionally and emotionally, information density or awareness cannot grow. Think of your cell waters as a medium for charge, which at maximum self-contained-ness is called love. Serve this recursion/nestedness of spin in yourself, as it is connected to everything that is shareable. You will find that the horizon of who you can feel with compassion, growing like a flower petal. To put this into practice you must make a powerful life-changing decision that you are going to put top priority on being really healthy. Your face will start to glow and all your friends will fall in love with you. You will stop sniveling and coughing and your thoughts will have the kind of high frequency crackle staying power that penetrates the cosmos.

Survival is a wave (you) that is so charged and balanced in symmetry that it envelopes in coherence everything around it. Building electrical charge or fire is exactly what building body/mind is. The vast majority of ill-health will immediately respond to this kind of regime. Eat your heart out AMA, real health and drug stores are practically mutually incompatible! Whatever the form of your health issue, be grateful your body offered you the feedback, so you could discover the wisdom to make healthy choices. And you will turn into a golden glow!

Visualize the cells as a large committee to be consulted with, quite gently, before doing anything that affects your body. Treat your cellular committee as your favorite doll from your childhood, upon which you shower love and attention. If you do something which damages your cells, relax, breathe, let pain turn into focus, turn to fire, turn inside out, and become greater awareness. Eliminate everything in your life which diffuses your attention. Start with all pain killers, including aspirin and cold “remedies.” Everything you used to call entertainment which does not directly serve your life purpose diffuses your focus, and weakens your aura.

With your inner voice explain gently to your cells why damage was done to them, and then listen very quietly for suggestions in return. This is critical. Treat your body as a magic factory, capable of galactic world creation and light bending, if you will only but get in loving gently cooperation with it. Try to give your body time to complete its dreams in the morning. Very important: go to bed with an empty stomach. Take very large, but gentle, deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth, EVERY time you suspect your body may want more oxygen. Cellular asphyxiation (starving for air) afflicts almost all humans. Forgetting to breath is forgetting to feed the fire of mind. Relaxing into oneness is as light as air.

O-xy-gene, oxygenation is the essence of fire or waves of pressure/mind which stand in attention. O is circle, xy, is cross then branch or braid: the gene. Program your DNA with coherence: Co-here-andsee. Be here together with the golden pieces of eight, parts of the symmetry of toroid fields, become ONE.

The geometry of pressure which breathes fire into mind starts with the ratio “cascade” programmed by the ratio of the breathing in to the breathing out. This is called round breathing. It programs cells. Breath and mind and body are nothing except an orderly geometry of pressure.

– Dan Winter


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