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dnaLove is the primary vibration out of which everything has been created by the Infinite Creator. It is the very substance, the very fabric you all experience, as your manifestable reality. For each and every one of you is made of love, and thus in a fundamental sense everything you do is an act of love. When you allow yourselves to truly work with, and not against, the fabric of love, out of which all reality is created, and blend with that flow, you will be able to sculpt your reality out of that love, into any form that represents your true heart’s desire

If you wish to see anything in your world change, change yourself! Then the other changes. Then you will be being a representative example to everyone else of what kind of unconditionally loving being they can also be – by allowing them to see the example you are setting, regardless of what they are choosing.

You are never off your path, because you are never on a path. A path is what you are! You cannot be off yourself. Everything you do – everything, everything! – is an opportunity to decide what you prefer. Everything. You can learn from everything.

The beliefs, the negative ideas, that are out of alignment with your true self, out of alignment with your true vibration, don’t actually belong to you, they were probably, in a sense, borrowed from your parents, borrowed from your society, borrowed from your friends, borrowed, borrowed. Borrowed for a variety of reasons, but they don’t belong to you. If you are carrying around a belief that doesn’t belong to you that’s called stealing. Don’t be a belief thief. Give back all the beliefs that don’t belong to you…

When you are simply carrying the beliefs that belong to you, you will feel light, free, effortless. The only time you feel weighed down is when you are carrying things that aren’t yours, because they don’t fit, they are too much for you, too different for you, not right for you, out of alignment for you. Drop that baggage. And allow your excitement to reveal to you where that baggage exists. Free yourself.

– Bashar


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