The Energy of Space

the energy of space

If you could see multidimensional energies, and you had the ability to stand back and watch your solar system as it raced around the middle of the galaxy, you could see a ribbon of energy that you are currently intersecting. Right now, your solar system, you might say, has been in a bubble of protective energy since life began on this planet. This is an astronomical measurement and is known by science. It even has a name. So this is not esoteric. As this bubble dissipates and you move into a new area of space, this ribbon of energy that you are now intersecting is different. In fact, it represents higher energy, and some might even call it radiation.

As your solar system moves firmly into it, it’s the first time that this has ever occurred with Humans on the earth. It takes millions of years for your solar system to make one revolution around the center. Therefore, you were not here the last time this took place. You are now sanctioned with the consciousness of the creative seed in you, and here comes the radiation, right on schedule. We have said this before and we have channelled this, for this is not new information. But now we put it together.

11188318_10152742162900598_2608125224801971686_nThe first thing that this radiation intercepts is the largest thing in your solar system – your sun. The sun is a nuclear engine, and it has the most energy of your system. The new radiation interfaces with your sun and immediately the sun will change its energy. The sun will then blast this new information through the solar wind (the heliosphere of the sun) right to the earth. It will immediately be intercepted by your magnetic grid (as normal), for your magnetic grid always intercepts any energy from the heliosphere. The heliosphere (the magnetic grid of the sun) overlaps the magnetic grid of the earth, and the information transfer is complete through something called inductance. Now it’s in your magnetic grid. As a review, remember that we have taught you that whatever attribute is in your magnetic grid is then transmitted to your DNA. Connect the dots from a 25-year-old message: The new energy affects the sun. The sun gives the energy to your grid, and your grid gives it to your DNA. You are affected.

– Kryon


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