Responsibility, Engagement, and Energetic Sovereignty

Energetic sovereignty is a mastery principle that includes responsibility. This is not taking on the heavy burdens of karma or healing or what is right or wrong. It is making a choice that considers how you will respond to and engage with others and the situation. What does it mean to you when you take responsibility for something? Does it mean that you are in control of the outcome, that you must answer for the results, that you are accountable?

And what do those concepts mean to you—that you will suffer if your performance does not measure up? What are you measuring your performance against? When something is your responsibility, is there an obligation to make things work, to make things right, to perform according to a standard, no matter what the cost to you? Do you take the concept of responsibility personally and fully engage all of your energy to control an outcome, even if it does not benefit you? If things do not work out the way you believe they should do you think you are incapable or incompetent?

Think about the word responsibility and what it means to you because its accepted meaning today has nothing to do with the concept of responsibility.  For it has everything to do with the ability to create the outcome that you want by choosing your levels of response and engagement, rather than taking on the burdens of the world. Responsibility is the choice of response-ability, the choice of how you will respond to a situation, through a process of alignment, engagement, and energetic sovereignty.

You can ask three questions to determine your response-ability:

  1. Is this situation fully aligned with my intention for my life and for the potentials and outcomes that are in my highest good?
  2. Do I want to engage my energy in this situation or with this person and can I engage in an empowered way that maintains my energetic congruence within my self?
  3. Is my response aligned with my energetic sovereignty? Am I being true to my intentions, my potential, and my own energetic being?

The way that you respond to situations and to people in your life is based on your understanding of your personal power and your energetic sovereignty. Too often, being made responsible is done so in a way that diminishes your power, by becoming the Martyred Healer and becoming responsible for others’ problems, burdens, and well-being. Taking responsibility for things that are not in your control, such as someone’s healing, is trying to control something you are not in control of.

Your own path of going from healing to wholeness to congruence is empowered by choices to respond and engage in an aligned, congruent way and is limited by your desire to heal others and to be responsible for their well-being. Every situation and person is in your life to provide you with opportunities to learn, heal, transform, and align with a greater level of empowerment, awareness, and energetic frequency. How you choose to respond and engage in any situation is your choice, so choose the path that brings you the greatest joy. As you integrate more 5D energies into your energy field, joy is the frequency you are embodying.

The ascension cycle is opening new energetic potentials for you to move in expanded directions, owning your power and creating new ways to respond to situations.  Each time you feel you have to take responsibility, consider your response choices. How will you respond so you stay grounded in your power and create joyful and abundant outcomes in your reality? To what level will you engage in this situation so that you maintain energetic integrity and congruence? That is one of the lessons of ascension and the new meaning of responsibility.

by Jennifer Hoffman




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