Don’t Panic


The more Empathic and sensitive among us are beginning to feel the rising hysteria occurring at a very deep level. If one can walk into a room and sense that a person is angry, imagine walking into that same room with 100 angry people …it would be unbearable. Indeed there are those who can feel strong emotions from friends and loved ones without even being in the same room/town/country. The difference now is that, like the Internet which connects individuals from all over the globe (and now in space), there is an even stronger connectivity at a biological (and ultimately spiritual) level to which all living things are ‘waking up’ and recognizing as more tangible every day.

We are the Earth, the Universe, the Whole, and as such, every living thing (and it is ALL alive) is always in communication with every other living thing, no thing is separate – the changes we perceive in the mundane world around us are really the end result of the changes within each and every one of us – the Butterfly Effect at the Soul Level, if you will, but in an infinite cycle of cause and effect.

If you prescribe to the “As Above, So Below” school of thinking, then what is happening up in the spheres is happening down here as well.

We Are All Elemental: Instead of being receivers for the images of earthquakes (earth), tsunamis (water), volcanoes (fire), tornadoes (air) in a passive state,  let us conquer the fear the ego-mind perceives, become Transmitters of things like Clean Flowing Streams and Oceans (Water), the Warmth of the Early Morning Sun (Fire), Cool Gentle Breezes (Air) and Abundant Lush Meadows and Fields of Flowers (Earth). If you don’t like the current picture, change it! Because every living thing has the power to change the course of this life experience.

You hear so many stories of incredible things happening: i.e. one mother in a moment of desperation summoning the strength of ten men within herself to lift a car off of her child being crushed to death; the cat running from room to room, meowing and pawing frantically and in the end saving its beloved human family from burning to death in a house on fire… There are so many of these inspirational news events, but they don’t make it to the headlines as often as the more dramatic crowd pleasers. But looking at the half-full glass, this can be a learning tool for everyone. We don’t need to get caught up in the doomsday scenarios of the moment and the world of form. Instead, humanity -empathic, or not- can be the pioneers to bring about a less traumatic transition into the next wave of experience for this living planet and all its inhabitants. Imagine how much more we can do as a group with a longer term focus of good intention and vision for a higher purpose.

If we are the sum of our experiences, then try to reach within and draw on any thing that gives you courage and comfort in these trying times. No matter how insignificant you might think it was/is, there is something in your past/present that is meant to be your talisman and perhaps even your own special gift to this process. One of my favorites is hearing in my head the “esteemed” words of my Earth Father with his calm yet resounding voice whenever things did not go according to our little plans – spoken slowly and very drawn out – “Don’t Panic”.

– Raline Starc

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