The Dimensional Shift to 5D

We are at a point where human life on Earth is at a crossroads. It is a turning point for the soul’s experience in incarnate form. While the essence of our being is Divine, the current operating system of mind is producing an experience and expression through the incarnate vehicle that is of a much lower nature in fear, separation, and conflict.
Our intrinsic unity is that we are a multidimensional being of a pure Divine nature. We need not transform, evolve, search, seek, or ascend according to the conflict of the thinking mind. We cannot use the ways of our conditioned thinking mind’s perspective in association with its emotional anchors within the unawakened state in order to transform to our true being. However, we must change the basic awareness of the manifestation of our energy. We do this from the inner silence of a heart-centered awareness where we experience love and intentional creative action of the Divine.
From within the heart, we are still assisted by an overall context to open to understanding, knowledge, practice, meditation, transforming, etc. However, we are not approaching this activity from the direction of the thinking mind, but from the intuitive insight and wisdom of the heart. We are not using the conditioned thinking mind that is a perpetual censor of experience according to its known inputs from the past. As we live from the guidance of the heart, we are working our way through the elements of using our lower nature in transformative practice in order to go beyond their necessity. We will need to integrate and continually move beyond systems of thought, ideas, and concepts as we embody the Divine consciousness.

The solar system is at the end and new beginning of a 26,000 year cycle of precession.  This cycle for earth within the Milky Way galaxy relates to the alignment with the energies of the galactic center.  The charged particles, rays, and higher frequency light, information, and energy from the galactic center interacts with the planet and human consciousness.

Only in recent times are we uncovering and remembering the galactic cosmology for human incarnations on earth.  In the ancient wisdom, we find this knowledge throughout most of the sacred, mystical, esoteric, and prophetic traditions.  The understanding of these energetic cycles exist within Atlantean, Enochian, ancient Egyptian, Vedic, Taoist, Biblical, Tibetan, Mayan, Incan, Hopi, Cherokee, and throughout Native American and many other spiritual and esoteric systems.

Within the 26,000 year cycle, particularly strong shifts occur at the 12,000 to 13,000 year marks.  We find many cataclysmic changes on Earth at these times.  In the Vedic tradition, we have the great ages of golden, silver,bronze, and iron.  The iron age presents the most dense level of material consciousness in the last several thousand years.

The next transition is a shift back to the light consciousness of the golden age.  Today’s scientific knowledge and instrumentation has been able to verify many sun, solar system, and earth changes that are indications of an energetic shift or evolution. The high frequency subtle energy, light, and consciousness beyond the 3D physical has an effect on consciousness and the body in physical 3D as it is stepped down into magnetic and electromagnetic energy.

At the end of all major cycles on Earth, there are sufficient energies to affect the Earth system, biological life, and human consciousness.  However, during this particular shift the energies are at a certain level of high frequency and vibration to enable a dimensional shift.  The reasons why this cycle happens to be a “dimensional shift” are too complex and numerous to discuss here in this article.  A dimensional shift is under way, and it will occur regardless of human action or the interaction of other intelligent beings on Earth.

There are twelve main dimensions in the dimensional universe.  The Sun, Earth, and solar system has been organized in the third dimension for millions of years.  With the upcoming dimensional shift, it will move to a higher vibration beyond 3D.  What is the role of human beings on Earth during this time?  Humanity plays an integral role in determining whether the shift to a higher dimension will be to a fear and control negative bandwith of the fourth dimension, or the heart-centered unity consciousness of the fifth dimension.  Human choice in awakening, healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending will determine which dimension we shift to, and what will be the next phase of human incarnate life on Earth.

In Divine consciousness, we awaken and restore our full communication and movement ability. We go beyond the fragmented translation of language to the pure heart-centered telepathic communication. Our natural unlimited movement is restored to the fullness of teleportation. We move beyond the physical consumptive model of cellular regeneration to the pure energy regeneration of biochemical processes. The Divine consciousness in physical bodily form is self-sufficient in manifesting the harmonic organization and regeneration of cellular form. In a 5D frequency and beyond of our physical embodiment of Divine infinite consciousness, our multidimensional self restores a conscious connection with all in universal spirit.

With restoration of our true being, we clearly have synchronistic communication with all souls in the universe and dimensionless spiritual realms. We feel no sense of separation or loss from all souls that we have ever known.
With the Divine embodiment in the physical through the pure harmonic frequencies of light and sound, the human being will go beyond death as we currently know it. With perfect cellular regeneration, consciousness as energy and bodily matter is beyond entropy. The process that has been leading to cellular breakdown is from the trauma based inharmonic thinking mind of conflict, fear, and separation. In this conditioned operating system of mind, we lose the full dynamic intensity of love and creativity that is our soul and spirit. With the awakening and remembering of heart consciousness, we will enable the Divine infinite consciousness to fully embody within our spirit, soul, and physical body. Then, the transition of the soul to experience other dimensions, incarnations, and dimensionless spiritual realms is through an intentional transformation of energy as consciousness.

At present, the lower level mind comes into being through early development in cultural civilization, past life incarnational encodings, and intergenerational transmission. These inharmonic frequencies disrupt and block the harmonic movement of the Divine consciousness. They may prevent strong energy circuits of connection between the heart and Light mind—i.e., the full electromagnetic movement of light and sound frequency through the nervous and endocrine systems. For example, the trauma based thinking mind and negative emotional encodings may keep in place the telomere caps on chromosome within DNA which over time inhibit effective cellular regeneration.
As we awaken, evolve, and embody the true human being on Earth, we will be infinite creators in the pure harmonic fluidity of life. We will experience the unlimited nature of consciousness as experienced through the frequencies of bodily expression. We will express our true humanity as Divine infinite consciousness that is telepathic, creative intention, teleportation, harmonic cellular regeneration, intentional soul transition, and perpetual conscious soul connection. This is human freedom, love, and creativity incarnate on Earth.

by Peter Borys Jr



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