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cosmic web

The cosmic web and its relation to the human neurons is astounding. According to the European Southern Observatory (ESO), “All recent computer-simulations of the early universe have one prediction in common: the first large-scale structures to form in the young universe are long filaments connected at their ends in ‘nodes’. The models typically look like a three-dimensional spider’s web, and resemble the neural structure of a brain.” Now, astronomers have actually detected a “universal web” – vast filaments of hot gas tracing the web have been “seen” in the current universe. Astronomers using NASA’s X-ray satellite observatory, Chandra, “viewed” the filaments stretching for millions of light years through space, with one passing through our own galaxy. Astronomers say that the filamentary structures are so hot that it would generally be invisible to optical, infrared, and radio telescopes. These invisible filaments are detected only because higher density ordinary matter tends to accumulate and condense in them – generating radiation which can be measured by scientists to confirm their existence in intergalactic space.

The visible galaxies in the universe are not isolated and disconnected but are interwoven by a filamentary web-like structure – which is the invisible dark matter scaffolding of the universe. The web-like structure is both a signature feature of invisible dark matter and magnetic plasma. The appearance of this web bears an uncanny resemblance to a cross-section of the brain. (Refer: Brain vs Universe)

But it is not only the morphology (i.e. structural aspects) of the large scale structure of the universe which is similar to the human brain but also the physiology (i.e. the functions). These filaments carry currents of charged particles (ions) over large distances that generate magnetic fields – similar to a nerve fiber. And they form circuits, just like the neural circuits in the brain.

The high degree of connectivity is what sets the brain apart from an ordinary computer. Connectivity is also apparent in the cosmic web. Galaxies are formed when filaments pinch or cross each other. A nexus of filaments (including thousands of tiny filamentary currents) will provide the connectivity for the transfer of not only energy but information from one galactic nucleus to another. This web-like structure of filaments and vortexes is also similar to the acupuncture meridian system – which includes vortexes called “chakras”. According to Dr David Tansely, “The seven major chakras are formed at points where standing lines of light (or meridians) cross each other 21 times. The 21 minor chakras are located at points where the energy strands cross 14 times.” These meridians are supported by probably thousands of other smaller filamentary currents. This provides a significant amount of connectivity in our subtle bodies. Similar filamentary currents in the large-scale structure of the universe also provide a high degree of connectivity in the “cosmic brain”.

Over time, tiny filamentary currents grow into large filaments as the amount of current flowing through them increases; in others the current decreases according to plasma dynamics. These filaments form networks that reflect the state of the universe at a point in time. The filamentary currents therefore appear to be able to generate the same mechanics that occurs in a brain – enabling memories to be encoded.

Magnetic fields are generated across vast regions of space and have been detected by astrophysicists. Electrical currents in the brain also generate magnetic fields which can be observed by measuring the magnetic fields they generate outside the skull in a technique called magneto-encephalography, or MEG.

Cosmic and planetary consciousness can have a valid scientific basis once we realize that the filaments and galaxies in space, and the web-like structure of filaments and vortexes on Earth, can encode information. Surely, if we can accept an electro-chemical basis for the encoding of memories, why not an electromagnetic one in space and interpenetrating the Earth (as in computers using neural networking technology)? These vortexes are also seen on the back of each human head which display the spiral of torsion fields and spiral galaxies.

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