The Body of Energy, Transformation and Intelligence

headgear pyramidsYour body is a field of energy, at one with the energy of the cosmos, inexhaustible and constantly in motion. The Ayurvedic term for this energetic aspect of life is Prana, which is the breath of life. Likewise, your body is ever in transformation, always and eternally in dynamic relationship with the elements and forces of the universe. This known in Ayurveda as Tejas, the internal fire of transformation. Finally your body is a physical manifestation of universe intelligence, which is supreme, divine and immortal The Ayurvedic word for this is Ojas, the infinity flexible, fluid expression of the physical body. Begin using the words energy, transformation and intelligence. As you begin to experience your body in its true form, your beliefs about it will also change, and your new beliefs will create your new biology.

What we do

We create beautiful life transformational Meditation Tools for raising consciousness, reducing stress and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.


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