Beyond Illusions


Illusions come from accepting others thoughts and beliefs without questioning their value to you. Mass agreement that things are a certain way can create illusions. Whole populations can believe something to be true until someone proves differently. At one time it was thought that the sun revolved around the earth. A few individuals have changed the course of history by questioning such mass beliefs and having the courage to explore their new theories.

You are the healers, teachers, and leaders; you came to create new possibilities and bring through higher truths about abundance, planetary peace, ecology, and more. To do that you need to see the world clearly. Don’t accept things just because others do. Question what you are hearing and reading. Learn to go beyond what is commonly held to be true and discover your own truth. Through your ideas about food, healing with energy, ecology, peace, animal rights, human rights, and other issues you are bringing a higher truth to the earth plane. Follow your heart and believe in your truth, not what others or society tells you is best. As you discover what is true for you, you will assist others in finding a higher way by your example.

How do you lift the veils of illusion? You start by asking your Higher Self to lift them and being willing to see what is revealed. Question things you have taken for granted. Explore new areas. Imagine you are a small child or that you have just arrived on the planet and are examining things for the first time.

~ Orin

Image by Pilar Zate


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