Ascension and New Energy

Starseed-Test-Quiz-and-Traits-Sirian-and-Pleiadian-Starseed-3The ascension and the birth of the new Earth isn’t about an instant change. It is always a process, but the rate at which you are expanding is ever increasing. Before what may have taken months or years to process and implement, now occurs within days or weeks. Once you have made a decision about the direction you want your life to move into, you will be able to easily create that possibility for yourself with the new energies.

As more and more of you begin to awaken and live in a higher dimension, the opportunities for negative energy to affect you become fewer and fewer and eventually they will dissolve completely and have no power here within your Earth space/dimension. Those who are vibrating at a higher frequency will have fewer negative opportunities or experiences if you will. As these experiences arise, they will be able to move through them more quickly and easily. They won’t find themselves stuck within that experience. As the frequency begins to increase, you are correct that the energies that are able to make their way through are stronger energies. The lighter energies, the lighter negative energies are not able to permeate this frequency.

You may feel as if the negative energy is more intense than it was before, but we assure you that it is only intense because you are at a higher frequency yourself. The intensity is a confirmation that you are stronger within your own power and you will be able to move out of that energy, clear that 10380981_914044211942303_8139552891590475906_nnegativity much quicker than you were ever able to before. So instead of walking into a mosquitoes nest where there are mosquitoes everywhere, as many of you were experiencing in the past, now you will find that there are only one or two mosquitoes that are certainly stronger in their strength. But it is much easier to overcome one or two than it is to overcome thousands. That is another reason why when you are able to move that energetic pattern, it continues to strengthen your frequency and sends you higher and higher so that you will have less and less of those experiences.

Again, the ascension process is an ongoing, ever-expanding experience that is constantly for your evolution and understanding of becoming that which you already are. It is not like eating an ice cream cone where you anticipate the joy, you consume the ice cream and it is over and gone. The ascension process is ongoing and something you are continually working toward as a guiding light within your frequency.

Feel your strength and your power, your unlimited potential. Claiming your space on the grid helps to anchor in the frequencies of the new Earth and continues to strengthen and ground the energies of love, light, and harmony so that all may transcend and ascend into higher vibrational frequency where only pure love, light and harmony exist within the potentiality within your humanness.

Metatron Speaks Channeled by Julie Geigle


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