The best kind of action to take is one where there is internal and external alignment with yourself and the universe. Many people find it such a struggle when they try to do certain things or they feel so empty after doing it. That is because when we do things that is not in alignment with our true selves, it is not empowered by life or spirit. Everything that we do is meant to be an expression of the universe doing it through us. It is all about alignment and when you have it, you will act in harmony with yourself.

There are two aspects of alignment which are internal and external. They may not always exist together at the same time but may come one after the other. The moment there is internal and external alignment, you will have the desire as well as the opportunity to take action. Things will be in a flow because the universe is both guiding you from within as well as making the way open for you from without so that everything you do will be a joy and the results will come to you naturally in divine timing and order.

Internal alignment is when you have the desire to move in a certain direction. You are inspired to take a certain action and the idea of it makes you passionate about it. We are all here to do what brings us joy because joy is the expression of our being. We came into this world for a purpose and when we find what brings us joy, we find our purpose. The joy or desire in us is the direction of the universe that tells us what we’re here to do. When you have internal alignment you can go ahead and act upon it.

External alignment is when we observe open doors and synchronicities that show up in our lives. They seem to be messages from the universe telling us where it wants us to go. What you desire is never too far away from you to get. It is usually right before you if you can recognize it and step right into it. We tend to think that the way has not shown up yet, but it could very well be that if we take the way that is before us, it will lead us to the main path that will bring us to the highway of all our dreams fulfilled.


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