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“The biggest attribute that we wish to discuss is this,¬†interdimensional DNA field is knowing. That is to say, it is built to extend life. It knows who you are. It contains the blueprint of your sacredness, and is one of the largest tools you have for health, for joy, for opening the door. It is in the DNA field, not the brain. That’s where it is. And in that truth, there is celebration. For it releases you from having to create what you think you need.

Let me give it to you this way. If you’re going to use that field as a tool, now that you know what it does, you’re going to work with your cellular structure to manifest things. The normal Human experience is to gather knowledge on how. “How do I communicate? What is the best thing to ask for? How do I specify it so the DNA will know what I’m asking? Do I have to be a certain way or be in a certain place? Do I follow many steps that will open the door?”

None of the above! If you could visit your cellular structure, your Akash, your sacred life lesson, don’t you think it would know what was happening? It does, perhaps even more than you do! All you have to do is speak to that which is the quantum part of you and it knows what you need. So we are asking you to relax the linearity of the lists that you give to God. For suddenly, we’re telling you there is a quantum energy that is the sacred you who knows what you need.

Therefore, your meditations and prayers could be shifted to become wiser as you speak to your own cellular structure, to your own Higher-Self. You might say, “Dear Spirit, dear DNA, examine the life that I have and give me those things which will enhance it.” Perhaps that’s the healing you came for, dear one? Don’t you think I know who’s here? Perhaps that’s a miracle that will give you joy in the face of the sorrow that you’re in right now? Don’t you think I know who is here, what you’ve gone through in these last days? I counted the tears when they fell, and so did the DNA field! You feel so alone, not understanding there’s an entourage around you the whole time, and they would love to touch that field that is your DNA! They’d love to touch it. But not unless you say it’s OK to do so.

Understand this: DNA is more than chemistry! It is a field and a portal. These things are the mechanics of Spirit. We’re starting to give you advanced information and there have been those who have known how this works and assigned sacred geometry to all of it. They’re accurate and it’s correct. But it’s a field.”

~ Kryon


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